The Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)

by Rashomon

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Inspired by John Krish's scaremongering public information broadcast The Finishing Line (1978), the record is a sonic re-imagining of the film as a haunted meditation on the power of memory, drawing the listener into a claustrophobic sense of unease and mounting horror. An amalgam of library music, 1970s prog soundtracks, musique concrète and spectral jazz.

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Not a soundtrack so much as an impressionistic reinterpretation, it encompasses ultra-slow Lynchian doom jazz (a la Bohren & Der Club Of Gore), duelling guitar skronk, synapse-drenching high-pitched buzz, atonal hellscapes and harps falling down cellar stairs. In its most direct narrative moment, vintage Tomorrow’s World oscillators ooze out a locomotive rumble that modulates into a wailing siren. This is profoundly disturbing music, but to nowhere near the same degree as the film itself. - Matt Evans, Rock-a-Rolla

A swift montage of sound. Going from slow jazzy drums and slide guitars (spaghetti western!), fading into a piercing electronic soundscape, a bit of drones and then a montage of samples to add that filmic sequence…it moves all over the musical spectrum and makes a nice coherent piece of music. - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Using very specific instrumentation and electro-acoustical methods to achieve musical effects and constructs, which are deliberately intended as homages to cinema soundtrack composition. A very accessible album, and one which will prove especially seductive to listeners who enjoy Jonny Trunk’s OST show on Resonance radio. What’s impressive is how Thompson stays on the right side of pastiche and kitsch, and works in passages of avant-garde dissonance to express the unsettling darker sides of his richly ambiguous themes. - Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

A proposed soundtrack to the notorious 1977 public information film, The Finishing Line, a gruesome twenty-minute piece that attempted to discourage children from playing on railway lines - a prime target for a touch of darkly humorous soundtracking…he certainly gets into the spirit of things, conjuring creepy library soundtracks and '70s styled prog-drone with his psaltery, zither and Mellotron. A splendid tribute to the haunting, memory-distorting power of nostalgia. - Boomkat


released December 1, 2009

Music: Matt Thompson
Mix: Jaime Gomez Arellano

Instrumentation: Mellotron, MiniMoog, guitar, percussion, organ, Fender Rhodes, bass, vocal, sinewaves, bowed psaltery, zither, violin, vinyl



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Rashomon is a film music-related project by Matt Thompson of Zoltan and Cremator.

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